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Cerec MachineTransform Your Smile with Crown in a Day
Experience the Cutting-Edge technology of Dr Carroll's CEREC Crown System. In only one appointment, it is now possible to get the perfect fit and color of crowns and fillings. Whether the dental issue is a broken tooth, cavity, or completion of an implant procedure, our Crown In-A-Day Process will best meet your needs. The CEREC Camera takes a photograph of the damaged teeth; the image is transferred on a color computer screen. Dr Carroll then designs and creates custom-fitted restorations while you wait. Get the highest level of quality Esthetic (Cosmetic) Dentistry available today through this timely, safe and affordable process. No impressions, No Trays come and see Dr. Carroll today.

For Your Lifelong Dental Health
Dr. Carroll likes to build long-lasting relationships.  Building long-lasting relationships comes easy for you with people who really care.... like Dr. Carroll and his Team, who value the trust you place in them. He values your time, and assures you that you will never feel rushed. You will see how Dr. Carroll focuses on preventive care, to minimize future treatment and costs. Keenly aware of how the body's diseases can affect oral health, as well as how poor oral health can affect the body, he will keep you fully informed. When a restorative procedure is recommended, you will be able to see the area of concern yourself--40 times actual size. With Dr. Carroll's care, you will always be well informed, and able to make the best decisions about your dental health.

For Your Comfort, Safety and Convenience

Office Hours
Mon-Thurs 8:00AM-5:00PM.  We set ourselves apart by offering Friday hours 8:00AM-Noon.

Now Offering Free Consultations For Invisalign
The clear alternative to braces.

Ultrasonic Cleanings
This comfortable alternative to traditional teeth cleaning provides an efficient and pleasant experience, leaving your mouth fresh and clean. Your comfort is of utmost importance and your feedback is always welcomed.

Cavity Detection Sooner than Later
Dr. Carroll uses state of the art laser technology to detect cavities more efficiently than traditional cavity detection methods such as xrays. Early detection means less tooth loss and less costs in the future. It is totally painless and at no extra fee.

Crowns in One Day!
No more temporary crowns, no more impression material, and no more scheduling multiple appointments in preparing for your crown. Cerec technology provides crowns, veneers, and larger fillings (inlays) in a SINGLE visit. A strong, durable tooth colored ceramic material is used to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function without destroying the composition of the natural tooth structure.

Digital X-rays
Emitting 90% less radiation than traditional dental xrays, digital technology has become the standard of care in diagnosing dental disease. This comfortable, quick technique allows you to view your diagnosis in magnification, enhancing your understanding of oral structures and your dental health.

Strict and Monitored Sterilization
Our sterilization standards are extremely high. After each patient, in addition to all instruments being sterilized, the treatment room is cleaned, disinfected, and disposable chair and equipment covers are replaced. The effectiveness of our sterilization procedures is regularly confirmed by an independent testing lab.

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